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Moving to Jordan


Moving to Jordan

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The Kingdom of Jordan is located in the Arab West Asian area, bordering Syria in the North, Iraq at its most North-Easterly point, Saudi Arabia to the South East, and Israel and the West Bank to the West. There is also a small coastal border with the Gulf of Aqaba at its South West corner.

Infrastructure / Job Prospects

If you are interested in moving to Jordan for work, you will want to learn about the local economy. Jordan’s economy has been stable for over a decade, has relatively low inflation, a stable currency tied to the US dollar, and a growing construction and real estate industry.

Tourism is extremely important to Jordan, attracting over 6.5 million visitors a year and having contributed to around 10 – 15 % of GDP in 2007. The country is home to many world-class archaeological sites and buildings, including the city of Petra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. The country also offers a diverse range of activities that is constantly expanding, including Adventure sports, shopping and Religious pilgrimages to both Christian and Muslim destinations, for instance mosques and churches.

Amman is currently undergoing a huge building boom. Many new projects are currently under construction, including Abdali Downtown, a development in the center of Amman which will bring together an area including shopping malls, restaurants and office space, residential apartments and a cultural center based around a new library and performing arts building.

Skyscrapers are appearing at an increasing rate, including Bonyan City, Betina City, The Heights Tower and Sky Tower, amongst others. Most are mixed use skyscrapers with office and residential developments, some with retail shopping malls. One of the largest projects is Amman Financial Tower, a huge 56 floor skyscraper development due to start construction soon

The large real estate boom has also contributed to growth in the financial services sector, particularly in Amman, and foreign investment is also increasing.

The government has recently tried to attract media companies to Jordan, and Jordan Media City was a key feature for the local region. The media city is home to over 120 channels and is continuing to attract further interest, helping it to compete with the other main media cities in the region in Beirut and Cairo.

Living cost and Taxes

If you are resident in Jordan you will need to pay Jordanian Income Tax. The tax rate is based on your annual taxable income and ranges from 5 to 30%. Foreign employees working for non-Jordanian companies are exempt from paying all income tax. In addition you will have to pay a social service tax of 10% of your annual income.

Sales tax on goods is between 0 and 20%. Sales tax on services is 10%


Jordan’s main port (and the only sea port in the country) is located in Aqaba on its southern coast. The town has a population of around 75,000 and is on the border with Israel.

A large percentage of the country’s exports travel through the port of Aqaba. The port’s main exports are currently phosphates, although the export of textiles and other goods is increasing due to the local Special Economic Zone designed to encourage international trade.

Major airports

The main airport in the country is the Queen Alia International Airport which serves around 5 million passengers a year. It is the primary hub for both international and local travel, and is currently being expanded to cope with growth. The airport is also handling an increasing amount of cargo, and is therefore an important commercial hub. The airport is unusual in that around 98% of the passengers are international and nearly 70% moving to Jordan through the airport fly on one airline, Royal Jordanian.

Aqaba, in the south of the country is also home to an important airport, Aqaba Airport, which offers international flights to Cairo and Alexandria, Bahrain, Damascus, Dubai, Kuwait, Tel Aviv and Brussels, in addition to flying to Amman nationally. The airport also has cargo facilities and deals with around 500,000 tons of cargo every year.

Important Cities and Population Density

Jordan has a population of around 6 million people, and an overall population density of around 170 people per square mile.

The largest city, and the capital of the country, Amman has a population of around 2 million and is the main center of commerce and government administration.

The city of Aqaba in the south of the country, and home to the country’s only port is another important city.

Jordan Facts

Jordan has been called by that name since around 700 CE, although at that time it also covered other areas. It did not have access to the sea and was land-locked until 1965 after a deal with Saudi Arabia.

The city of Amman is a short journey from the biblical site where Jesus was baptised in the river Jordan, and also a similar distance from both the Dead Sea and Mount Nebo, where moses is said to have died. It is only a few hours by car to the southern city of Petra, one of the seven wonders of the world.

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