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Easy Rental is a member of Green Fleet Jordan.

Hybrids are vehicles with electric propulsion systems. They are cheaper on gasoline and better for the environment than
traditional vehicles. If you are earth-conscious and want to make your mark on saving the environment, then a hybrid is
your best rental choice.
Feel Good about driving your next rental Car
Green Car Rental in Jordan As we all become more aware of the impact that global emissions are having on our environment,
Easy Rental recognises that many travellers would like to be able to search and compare hybrid rental cars to minimise
their carbon footprint.
As a global leader in car rentals, we recognize our opportunity and obligation to promote environmental practices and give our customers eco friendly rental options, including hybrid car rentals. Popular hybrid car makes and models can be reserved online where available, but may vary by location. So check availability online today and save on an environmentally friendly hybrid rental. Go green and rent a hybrid car. Enjoy the ride, with Easy Rental

Why go "green"?
Help the environment
Hybrid cars produce about 80% fewer pollutants than non-hybrid cars, working to curb the momentum of global warming.
Hybrids have also been proven to reduce noise and water pollution, both growing problems in our environment today.

Save money
Greater fuel efficiency means higher savings at the pump!
Hybrid vehicles like the Hyundai Sonata offer a combined city/highway fuel rating of around 46 miles per gallon.




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