Overnight Exploration of Petra and the Desert

Overnight Exploration of Petra and the Desert






2 day


Overnight exploration of Petra.


Aqaba, Petra






Why rush? Take in the city sights of Aqaba, enjoy lunch onboard your ship, then head out toward Petra in the late afternoon. Check into the deluxe hotel nearest the site of Petra, enjoy an exclusive cocktail reception and dinner at Little Petra, one of Jordan’s best kept secrets, then have the next day to explore the main ruins.

Begin the adventure with an orientation of Aqaba, Jordan’s only city that has access to the sea. Located on the city’s waterfront, the Fort dates back to the 14th century and was built by one of the last Mameluke Sultans. A short walk brings you to the Aqaba Museum, whose interesting collection of artifacts and information about the old medieval city of Ayla show how Iraqi, Egyptian and Chinese influences made Ayla a busy trading port in the Middle Ages. Following the visit, enjoy some time to browse the souvenir shop opposite the Aqaba Museum that offers a variety of interesting handmade items to remind you of your visit to Jordan.

Take in the sights on an approximate one-hour drive to the outskirts of town, where you’ll stop to visit the popular Aqaba Aquarium at the Marine Sciences Centre. After this visit, return to the city for some free time to shop or walk around the City Centre, before returning to the ship to enjoy lunch and grab your overnight bag.

Meet again at the gangway to depart on the approximate two-hour drive to Petra. On arrival, check in at your hotel for the evening, the Petra Movenpick Resort, which offers deluxe accommodation and easy access to the ancient site. Relax a bit before a wonderful, exclusive evening out at nearby ‘Little Petra,’ or ‘Beida’ to the locals. An ‘Arrival of the Nabataean’ cocktail reception starts as you enter Little Petra, lit solely by luminaries that line the colourful Bedouin carpets leading to the historic site. The strains of an Arabic flute drifts in from somewhere in the mountains, when suddenly the sound of running horses announces the arrival of the Nabateans. A light and sound show soon brightens the night sky and ancient buildings to the rhythms of classical music. Put the day to rest with a cocktail amongst your companions, before returning to your hotel.


It has been our experience that the following description increases the participation numbers on this overnight. We recommend using it if you are selling this tour. However, if the tour is a ‘value-added’ event for select guests, we recommend you do not use the following copy, and let the gala candlelight dinner at Little Petra be a surprise; a wow moment.

‘After a cocktail with your companions, adjourn to a gala candlelit dinner under the stars at Little Petra accompanied by live Jordanian song & dance. Finally, fireworks announce it’s time to return to your hotel.’


This morning, after breakfast and check-out at the hotel, Jordan’s most impressive national attraction awaits your wonder. Many of you may be familiar with the Rose City of Petra from the impressive carved edifice used in the final scenes of ‘Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.’ This fascinating excavated site consists of massive tombs carved from the sandstone hills more than 2,000 years ago. Lost for almost 12 centuries, today the ancient capital of Petra stands as a timeless tribute to the ingenuity and creativity of the Nabataeans.

An extensive walking tour takes you down a long curving path to the Siq, the official entrance to this great monument. You may wish to go by horseback as far as the Siq, then it’s everyone on foot as your guide then leads you into a natural rock channel. The passage, which is often no more than 16-feet wide with walls that tower over 650-feet high, eventually leads you to the magnificent Khazneh, or the Treasury. Your walk continues down the path to the impressive 8000-seat Roman Amphitheatre, which it is now believed was carved around the time of Jesus Christ. Your tour will also view the Royal Tombs considered to be the most impressive burial places in Petra.

The return journey back to the entrance of the monument takes you by numerous carved temples, burial chambers, tombs, water channels, gates and arches. Once back at the visitor center, and having walked off your breakfast, return to the hotel for a relaxing buffet lunch before returning to Aqaba.


Why rush? In this overnight adventure, you’ll take in the city sights of Aqaba, enjoy a very memorable evening event at Little Petra and settle in for the night at the deluxe hotel right near the entrance to Petra. The next day, you have a fresh morning start to explore the amazing buildings of Petra on a guided walk through its many wonders, before returning to the ship in Aqaba.


00:00 – 00:15 Disembark


00:00 – 00:15 Disembark the ship,

00:15 – 00:30 Departure Aqaba Port, begin city tour

00:30 – 01:30 Visit Aqaba Castle and its Museum

Free time to visit the Souvenir shop opposite to the Museum

01:30 – 02:30 drive to the Aquarium

02:30 – 03:30 Back to Aqaba city centre, free time for self exploration

03:30 – 06:00 Back to Aqaba Port and re-embark the vessel for lunch onboard

06:00 – 07:00 drive to Petra

07:00 – 09:45 Arrive Petra Movenpick Resort and check-in

09:45 – 10:00 Transfer to Little Petra

10:00 – 12:30 Cocktail Reception and Dinner at Little Petra

12:30 – 13:00 Return drive to hotel

13:00 Overnight at Petra Movenpick Resort


00:00 – 00:30 Buffet breakfast, hotel check-out,

00:30 – 01:15 Walk from hotel to Petra Main Gate and traverse the Passage (by foot, horse & foot, or carriage)

01:15 – 04:30 Guests assemble at Treasury & continue on walking tour

04:30 – 04:45 Guests reassemble at Siq entrance and return to starting point

04:45 – 05:15 Walk to Main Gate and to Petra Movenpik Resort for buffet lunch

05:15 – 06:45 Lunch

06:45 – 08:45 Return drive to Aqaba

08:45 Arrive Aqaba port


- Red carpet at dock on arrival

- Flowers for the ladies upon arrival

- Pre-paid tickets to the sites, so there will be no queuing or waiting at the entrance

- Uniformed staff with clear nametags available at the pier, the site, and the restaurant to assist the guests at any time



- At Petra, Restrooms, bank and shopping facilities available (note extra restrooms and shopping facilities are available at the deluxe Petra Movenpick Resort 5 minutes walk from Visitors Centre)

- For the guests who want to take a horse, one of our staff will attend to them. The horse ride is around 800 metres only, and then the guests will have to walk

- For the guests who want to take a carriage to the site, we will arrange as many carriages as possible, however the total number of carriages at the site is only 9 and they are on first come first served basis, so we will try to restrict use to the neediest guests. The carriage goes all the way inside the ‘Siq’ to the Treasury and back. There is a US $15.00 supplement per carriage

- Guests wanting to walk can join the guide on foot through the ‘Siq’. The walk through the ‘Siq’ to the Treasury is around 1216 metres long and takes around half an hour

- Buffet lunch at the main restaurant of Petra Movenpick Resort includes local wine, local beer, soft drinks, mineral water, and coffee or tea

- Time permitting, there is approximately 15 to 20 minutes of shopping at the handicraft stores at the entrance to Petra. There is also a gift-shop at the hotel where lunch is served

- Horse transfers from Petra entrance to the Siq are included in the excursion price however, guests should be aware that horse owners frequently demand tips at the end of the ride

Entertainment during Cocktail Reception:

- Bedouin flute player to lead the group from the buses to the cocktail reception area

- Jordanian Folklore Dancing Group to surprise the group coming out from one of the caves at the site to welcome our group during the cocktail reception

Entertainment during Dinner:

- The gala dinner has operated very successfully as a complete surprise to the guests. During the cocktail reception, the dinner venue is set up (within 45 minutes). Guests, thinking the party is over, are not expecting the lights to come on to a full dinner accompanied by live entertainment

- Full Light system and sound system to arrange the sound and light show at the cocktail reception area, and to light up the dinner area

- DJ with full sound system at the dinner area only + Belly dancer to perform for around 45 minutes

Or Wadi Rum Group (11 musicians) with Mr. Tareq El Naser playing special Arabic music during dinner, along with a sound technician, full sound and light system at the cocktail reception and the dinner area with full sound and light show. This is a famous Jordanian group and singer who performs old traditional songs re arranged with new music to the taste of non Arabic speaking guests

Or Arabic group of musicians (6 musicians) playing classical Arabic music throughout the evening (no singing with only music) with full sound system. We will as well arrange lighting at the cocktail reception and the dinner area but without a light and sound show

- Firework show for around 8 minutes

- Extensive Walking: at Petra there is approximately 3 to 5 miles of walking over uneven gravel and uneven packed sandy surfaces. There is a long, gradual decline/incline from the entrance of Petra to the Treasury and the Royal Tombs. Some guests prefer to remain in the Treasury area, thereby reducing the amount of walking