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Lease conditions If you are 25 years old, if you desperately need a car but don’t have your own one and are not going to buy it, then to lease a car in the “EASY RENTAL” Company is everything you need to do! Here are some advantages of leasing a car in our company:

First of all, if you lease a car in Jordan you don’t need to go by public transport, which means that you are absolutely free. Take advantage of leasing a car and make sure that to lease a car in an unknown city is a brilliant way to save your energy.

Secondly, leasing a car means maximum freedom and comfort in your travel. Successful and practical people choose leasing a car in the “EASY RENTAL” Company. All our cars are technically irreproachable and meet all the demands of an ideal car to lease. Our company can offer you economy- as well as business class cars.

And the last but not the least, to lease a car in the “EASY RENTAL” Company will give you an opportunity to become a part of the city and to watch its life from within and not just like an accidental tourist.


The service is inclusive of:

  • Scheduled servicing.
  • Routine maintenance.
  • Replacement vehicle of a similar group.
  • Insurance.
  • Registration.
  • Service options are subject to current terms & conditions.

Advantages of Long Lease:
Here is something we would like to share with you. Leasing a vehicle has its own advantages as compared to owning the same. This is particularly true if you take into account all the “HIDDEN COSTS”.

  • Our rates would match closely to the costs you would incur should your company decide on outright purchase.
  • In the process of comparison between our low monthly lease with the costs of running your own vehicles, it is in your best interest to consider the following benefits and cost savings of a EASY RENTAL Lease proposal:-
  • A fixed monthly cost throughout the complete lease term for the ease of budgeting.
  • No capital outlay is incurred, thereby, “freeing up” your cash and any bank facilities relieving you for more productive capital requirements that benefit your business.
  • No hidden administration cost of time and money. We administer and control the vehicle in every respect and to the fullest.
  • You only pay for your usage in terms of the period.
  • No problems in dealing with any accident claims, vehicle testing and re-registration. We will handle this for you!
  • We provide 365 days of the year trouble free transportation by providing you with a replacement vehicle at the time of servicing and repair. No hassles there!

Overall, as a leader in the vehicle leasing business EASY RENTAL is a team you can reckon with when it comes to luxury offerings and high end services. We simply await you!

Service options are subject to current terms & conditions.