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Wadi Rum's Desert Scenery






1 day


Explore the stunning and unusual desert scenery of Lawrence of Arabia’s Wadi Rum.


Wadi Rum, Bedouin camp





Magnificent Wadi Rum has some of the most striking desert scenery in the world. This area, where the famous T.E. Lawrence began his revolt against the Turks in 1917, is also the location where the spectacular desert scenes of Lawrence of Arabia were shot.

Leaving Aqaba port, drive through the city of Aqaba and into the mountains to a special transfer point on the outskirts of Wadi Rum. Here, you’ll board a four-person, four-wheel-drive vehicle for an approximate 3-hour desert safari. Once in the desert, pass Bedouin communities and the stunning rock formations of the Jebels that rise from the desert floor and are capped by smooth, pale sandstone.

Along the drive, stop for photographs at the Seven Pillars of Wisdom Mountain, then to the Thamudic, Kufic and Nabataean inscriptions and rock art. The last visit is Lawrence Jail before concluding your safari drive with a stop at a genuine Bedouin tent for coffee or tea. Soon afterward it’s time to reboard your car for the trip back to Aqaba, with more dramatic views of towering mountains and wind-sculpted hills gracing the way.



Play Lawrence of Arabia, without the saddle sores, exploring the stunning and unusual desert scenery of Wadi Rum. This combination four-wheel-drive and car tour offers a firsthand look at this striking expanse, taking in Bedouin communities, stunning rock formations and a refreshment - Bedouin style, of course.


00:00 – 00:15 Disembark, board 


00:15 – 01:15 Board vehicles and drive from Aqaba Port to Wadi Rum

01:15 – 04:15 Arrive Wadi Rum area and explore

04:15 – 04:45 Refreshments at Bedouin camp

04:45 – 06:00  drive back to Aqaba

06:00 Arrive Aqaba Port and re-embark

Approximate duration: 6 hours


- Red carpet at dock on arrival

- Flowers for the ladies upon arrival

- Pre-paid tickets to the sites, so there will be no queuing or waiting at the entrance

- Uniformed staff with clear nametags available at the pier, the site, and the restaurant to assist the guests at any time

- Wadi Rum is 80 kilometres north of Aqaba. Additional staff will meet the guests upon arrival, and assist them to board the 4WD to start the desert safari

- No holidays affect the opening of the site of Wadi Rum

- Note there will be only one guide per bus for this tour. This guide will transfer to one of the 4x4 cars and will give explanations at each site when guests get out of the 4x4 cars. All vehicles are driven by professional drivers, with guests as passengers

- Moderate level of activity (easy walking for short distances)